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CREAZ® 100%

CreaZ® is composed of 100% pure creatine, which makes it the purest creatine product available on the market.

It comes in micro-fine form and in contrast with other creatine products, the creatine in CreaZ® in not bound to hydrates, citrates or stearates.

This is why CreaZ® is the only product which provides 100% pure creatine for muscle building as opposed to commercially available creatine products, which have a maximum creatine content of 70-80%.

The development of the production process in Germany guarantees the absolute purity of CreaZ® in pharmaceutical quality. With CreaZ® a unique, fully uncontaminated and highly-effective product is available for performance enhancement.

In its 100% pure form, the active ingredient creatine causes perceptibly fast development of muscular explosive strength. With CreaZ®, this effect can be particularly achieved with intensive training because the muscles are supplied more quickly with pure creatine. Thus premature muscle fatigue, which is caused by the breakdown of creatine during training, is delayed.

The ideal creatine intake in the form of pure, monohydrate-free CreaZ®, improves the ability of trained muscles to develop adenosine triphosphate (ATP) faster and more intensively.

More ATP means more performance: ATP is the most important energy supplier in all body cells. The effect varies according to training intensity.

As a general rule, with CreaZ®, diphosphate, which has been broken down by the body, can be replaced more effectively by triphosphate – resulting in a vigorous increase in performance, muscle building and maximum power. This effect, through the supplementary intake of creatine, especially in combination with intensive physical activity, has been widely confirmed by institutes and sports scientists.


Senactiv® is a plant-based, 100% natural, US patented sport nutraceutical compound scientifically validated in 2 in-vivo and 4 human clinical studies with 6 interventions evaluated.

Senactiv® promotes more energy and muscle preservation by activating phagocytic macrophages in association with the senescent cell clearance in muscle tissue after aerobic exercise.

REenergize Release Energy > Spark Momentum Senactiv® increases the production of citrate synthase, an important enzyme that is responsible for producing more ATP (energy our body uses).

REgenerate New Muscle Cells > For Longevity Senactiv® has shown in a human clinical study that it can actually promote the removal of old cells and replenish with new healthy muscle cells.

Senactiv® elevates any product to promote true energy production & human performance. Composed of two highly purified and fractionated extracts from Panax notoginseng and Rosa roxburghii, Senactiv® has shown to be effective with a recommended dose of 50mg.


MECHANIC contains zero artificial additives!


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