Uleen Fourie
25-year-old Finance graduate, who ditched the corporate world to follow her passion and make a difference where it matters to HER most. 
Sport has always been part of who she is. She chose to exercise  because it makes her feel strong, it makes her feel empowered andit makes her feel on top of the world.
Uleen believes exercising is a celebration of what our bodies can do and it should never be a punishment.
This journey has led Uleen to a life of fueling her body with nutritional food and learning to listen to her body and choosing to see food as a source of pleasure and delight instead of restriction and guilt.
Every day Uleen makes a conscious decision to be better than yesterday because she choosing to be better version of herself.
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Angie AKA The Lean Girl
Angie is a qualified nutritionist through internationally accredited 'Precision Nutrition' nutrition coaching.
Through years of unhealthy habits, starvation diets and binge eating.... her passion for health and wellness was born. Angie is now a girl on a mission to share the simple 'un-sexy' scientific truth about what it takes to get seriously lean, while loving the process. 
She has helped hundreds of women to overhaul their lifestyles through her 'step-by-step' programs designed to build leaner, harder and stronger bods!
She has also developed one the best functional recipe platforms out there with delicious low calorie high protein meals of all kinds! 
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Siya AKA Siya Muscle
Siya is a 26 year old master trainer who lives by the saying "Transform pain into greatness". With a background in psychology he has helped hundreds of men and women exceed their potential.
His goals and aspirations are to keep fitness simple and effective, to relentlessly chase results by following scientific based methods that have been proven to produce results. 
This derives from the fact that discipline is painful and challenging and that is usually one of the things you need to have to achieve your personal aspirations and goals in life-YOUR GREATNESS.
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Sebastian Prentice AKA Sprenna
‘Lifetime student’, ‘entrepreneur’, ‘athlete’ and ‘creative thinker’ are just a few ways to describe 22-year-old Seb Prentice. Having graduated from Stellenbosch University as a Marketing & Innovation Major - founding and selling his events business as well as picking up a Varsity Cup Winners medal along the way - Seb is always looking to optimize his time and share knowledge where he can.

He discovered his passion for fitness at the ripe age of 8, when he started attending “children’s conditioning” sessions and hasn’t looked back since then. He is an avid reader and deep thinker which helps him constantly entertain thoughts of how to solve problems and improve the world around him.

In recent years he has combined his keenness on helping others, entrepreneurship and problem-solving by doubling down on creating fitness content. 2 years into his Social Media journey and he has managed to feature in Men’s Health Magazine and helps clients from Cape Town to Hong Kong.
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From Cape Town, you can find Kayleigh hiking, trail running and spending time at the beach. Kayleigh is a Personal Trainer and Exercise Specialist specialising in Pre/Post-Natal pregnancy fitness.

She went from exercising to simply look good in a bikini, to using exercise as a way to get stronger, faster, fitter, healthier and as a way to de-stress and become mentally strong too.
Her aim now for clients to show them that being able to exercise is a blessing and we shouldn't take it for granted. Move your body and treat it with respect.
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Mieke Visser
Chenel #Raisingwildlings