Did you know METALAB is a lockdown baby?

We launched in level 5 of the national Covid lockdown, just over 4 years ago... BUT A lot has changed in 5 years

I was a skinny guy growing up and struggled with self-esteem issues. 

And as cliche as it sounds, I woke up one day and realised that something HAD to change - I needed to feel good about myself again. 

That’s when I became hooked on the gym! I was so inspired by the mental shift that training represented for me that I wanted to learn all about it – how to train and how to fuel my body in a way that maximised my potential. 

This new passion lead me to enrol for a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and I later started taking on some clients as a personal trainer. 

All along, I was experimenting with a large variety of supplements available on the market – trying new products and formulas to see what worked and what didn’t. It was such an exciting part of my journey. But as I become more experienced, I started putting in the research. I spent hours and hours studying and consulting with industry professionals trying to better understand ingredients – both good and bad. I quickly realised that most of the stuff available in South Africa and even globally, was under-dosed, underperforming and lacked user experience! And then the penny dropped... 

I am an avid gym goer, with years of experience as a trainer, a degree in nutrition, exposure to product development and really interested in user experience and the customer journey. Could I not do better? 

I started tinkering away at some formulas: testing, retesting and testing again… I even went as far as launching a lower-cost supplement brand to learn the ropes in logistics and prove that there was a demand for what I was doing. When my suspicion was confirmed, I reached out to an industry stalwart, who agreed to mentor me…Years of research and product development later and here we are - South Africa’s favourite premium protein brand!


I am now married, a dad of 3 and as I have evolved, so has the METALAB brand. In balancing fatherhood, business and living an active, healthy lifestyle, I have come to realise the importance of supplements in a balanced, everyday lifestyle. From the packaging to the flavour profiles to the ingredients – they need to feel approachable, easy and fun for EVERYBODY in the household. And while they should definitely be used to achieve your fitness goals, they should also be loved by your kiddies, incorporated into your favourite recipes and enjoyed after a walk or a long day at work. We’ve been in business for over 5 years and our mission is clearer now than ever before: To make METALAB a pantry staple loved by everybody - active or inactive, young or old. 

Here’s to the next 5 years!